Saturday, January 2, 2010

Santa Baby!

The pubcrawl was a Santa Suit pub crawl. My dumpee and I had been exchanging text messages for the past couple of days and things were weird. We were still friends, but friends who flirted? I knew what would happen on this pub crawl. I knew the minute I hopped on the bus and shot gunned my first beer. At bar one, we flirted casually. In bar three we flirted a bit more openly. By bar 6 he was grabbing my ass and at bar 7 we were kissing in the basement. We exchanged blurry conversation and made out some more.

When we got back to his bar we were flirting more and more. He took me down to the basement where we continued our unbelievable makeout. It felt so wrong, but so good. I was kinda drunk, but I knew what I was doing. As the night came to an end, he grabbed a cab, which seemed like the best idea for the both of us.

I woke up with the most incredible shameover. I felt terrible. I had dumped this guy and knowingly gone on this pub crawl to make out with him. Crap… so I sent him the apology text message. And the dance of confusion continued. We exchanged text messages where he told me sweet adorable things such as he liked kissing me, and everything was wonderful. Oh crap. What does that mean?

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