Saturday, January 2, 2010

The Wicket Just Got Stickier?

So, he had convinced me to go out with him. He was very funny, smart and a great kisser and I was going to dinner with him. I was so excited. I love the feeling before the first date, when everything is pure. I sat through my grad school classes with a mixture of excitement and nervousness running through my veins. This guy really liked me and that felt great, he was taking me to a fabulous dinner followed only by drinks at his bar!!

Suddenly, I realized that I was kinda nervous. I hadn’t been on a first date in a really long time. When he arrived to pick me up for dinner, I was at a level three nervous. Less than two days ago I didn’t even like the guy. At dinner my conversation was worthless, I sounded like an idiot. He was cute, and charming, and told me that I looked pretty. I was putty. We walked over to his bar and I felt like a queen amidst paupers. I didn’t have to pay for one drink. It was amazing. We talked and joked and the chemistry was like nothing else. We closed the bar, and he walked me home and we kissed for a the perfect makeout. It was the most amazing kissing. Why had I considered not going out with this guy?

After kissing for a couple of minutes he looked at me and told me that he had something to tell me. With the most honest eyes possible, he told me that he was going through a divorce. He shared everything about the separation and divorce with me, I wasn’t sure how to feel. He had been married less than a year. He told me that he understood if I didn’t want to continue seeing him. I liked this guy, but a divorce? This could be messy? Could I handle this?

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